Power of receiving a personal card in the mail

3 Reasons Why Personalised Corporate Greeting Cards Are Important

In a business world growing more and more impersonal, it’s never been more important to bring a personal touch to your relationship with clients.     There are many different types of greeting cards your business can send to customers, partners and suppliers, but why is receiving a personalised greeting card so important?

  1. It helps build long-term relationships

If you are looking for a one-time transactional relationship, you are not going to send a personalised greeting card to someone in the mail.  Doing this, shows your customers that they are worth the time, effort and expense required.  This includes choosing a unique card, think of a meaningful message and physically send it to them. 

A card in the mail, shows that your business is committed to building and growing a long-term relationship.   

  1. It keeps your business front of mind

Want to stand out from the crowd? When your client’s inbox is filled with impersonal, sales-driven messages, a personal card in the mail is unique and meaningful.  This simple gesture can be the difference between one of a hundred in an inbox; or, a single eye-catching envelope in their in-tray or letterbox. 

  1. Brand loyalty

There is some who state that brand loyalty is dead, but research from Facebook shows this is far from true.  Their survey of 14,700 adults found that 77 percent of consumers tend to return to their favourite brands.  This is encouraging news for brands putting effort into their marketing campaigns, however, it also found that 40 percent will only return, if you give them an optimal experience to do so. 

Creating that optimal experience can look different for every business, but creating memorable moments in your relationship by remembering anniversaries, holidays and even saying thanks is important.  When you remember these important moments in your customers’ lives, it shows that you care; and when you care, your customers are more likely to care about you too. 

If you want your brand to be memorable, you need to stand out from their overcrowded email inbox.  If you want their loyalty to your business and brand, you need to go above and beyond by investing effort and time into creating a personal, long-term relationship.  What better way to do this, than with a personalised greeting card.  Stand out.  Show that you care.  Invest in your client relationships.  It can literally pay, to go the extra mile.


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